Our Philosophy

Foundation of Nisivoccia philosophy illustrationOur mission is to assist our clients in fulfilling their financial needs and exceeding their business goals by delivering the highest quality accounting, audit, tax and business advisory services through proactive strategies and innovative solutions.

The overall engagement philosophy of Nisivoccia LLP is to provide our clients with distinctive and superior, value-added service. This philosophy places great emphasis on looking beyond the accounting entries to the underlying operations and business situations which give rise to the entries. We believe it is important as business advisors for us to gain insight into various conditions which affect our client’s financial position and operations. In accomplishing this, we obtain an understanding of the organization and its people, the system and procedures which provide internal accounting controls and the interaction between them. We take pride in conducting our work with a business consciousness and awareness that will enable us to make suggestions and recommendations that are constructive and helpful.

The foundation of our philosophy begins with our values. Our employees, clients, relationships and communities we serve all define us as a firm and enable us to help our clients succeed.

Our Employees

Our employees are integral to our success. We are dedicated to their well-being and continually present opportunities for them to grow and develop, both personally and professionally.

Our Clients

Our clients are part of the Nisivoccia LLP family. They can expect a personalized professional approach with integrity, quality and depth of service.

Our Relationships

Our relationships contribute to the growth of our firm. By working with business and community members within our client’s markets, we are able to help our clients connect with the resources they need to be successful.

Our Communities

We pride ourselves in giving back to our communities. Through a shared compassion to help others, we actively encourage participation in philanthropic activities with community-based not-for-profit and charitable organizations.