The Nisivoccia Way

Photo describes "The Nisivoccia Way" with mission statement and core values.Family Values.  They aren’t learned in school. They are passed down from generation to generation.  Treat others the way you want to be treated. Never take anything without giving back. Work hard.

These are the beliefs Ray Nisivoccia’s parents instilled in him and what formed the foundation for who the firm is today.  It’s what we call The Nisivoccia Way.

Our growth comes organically–through word of mouth and client endorsement; rather than the result of mergers.  Simply put, The Nisivoccia Way is how our employees are raised.  We have a casual, family-like atmosphere that treats our staff and our clients with the level of respect that they deserve and expect. Respect goes beyond the walls of the company and simply doing good business. We continually invest in our community that has put their faith in us for half a century.

Our culture isn’t contrived, and we haven’t brought in a bunch of consultants to paint us as something we can’t live up to. We were lucky enough to have been born with a strong work ethic and an ability to understand how important it is to treat people right.

These are the traits that we pass down to everyone on our team and are evident in everything we do. For 50 years, The Nisivoccia Way has made us great partners with our clients and why we are a Best Place to Work.  As we look to the next 50 years, business and technology will change, but The Nisivoccia Way is here to stay.

We Are Family.  Whether employees or clients, our relationships are personal and we treat you like family.  Even as we grow, we remain committed to a culture that puts family first.

What This Really Means: 

When you walk down the halls of Nisivoccia you’ll find partners asking who won the Little League game or how someone’s dog is feeling after eating their kids’ homework. It means we know our clients and kids and their kid’s kids. We know when they are feeling pressured by budget restrictions and when they are celebrating success. It means we are there during the good times and bad. Having a family-focused culture means employees stay with us longer and provides continuity on client engagements.

Unparalleled Support.  Extraordinary customer service is not just something we say we do. It’s something that our clients agree we do better than anyone else. We are much more than trusted advisors, we are team members who take extreme ownership in everything we do.

What This Really Means:

  • It means we won’t send you a bill if you call and ask a question.  In fact, we encourage you to call. And if you call and the person you need is not available, another team member will help you.
  • It means when we perform an audit, we don’t treat you like you did something wrong.  Instead, we collaborate with you to identify ways to improve your overall system and help you fix any errors we may encounter.
  • It means we’ll go through your budget line by line to find a discrepancy.  On a Saturday, if that’s what’s required.

The size of the Firm means we have expertise in a wide range of areas and can tap into the knowledge of our colleagues when we don’t know the answer.  And we aren’t afraid to say we don’t know because we are confident that someone in the Firm can help. When we don’t have the resources in-house, we reach out to members of BKR, our international affiliate network.

Personable and Professional People.  Client service starts with having the right people on the team who embody our culture.  Every encounter you have with Nisivoccia will feel like you’re dealing with someone who genuinely cares about you and the work that is being done.

What This Really Means:

Let’s face it, accountants have a reputation for being shy.  However, our people have personality.  We are pleasant to be around, know how to have a conversation and might even be called fun. But don’t get us wrong, getting the job done right is a priority. Over 50% of our staff are licensed CPAs who are invested in their profession and the success of the Firm and our clients.

Proactive Stewardship.  We anticipate changes, challenges and opportunities. And take action. Today. Whether it’s upcoming tax regulations or advances in technology, we stay ahead of the curve and provide our staff and clients with the training and information they need to adapt.

What This Really Means:

When changes are coming, we provide clients templates and checklists to easily implement the change.

Community Matters.  Since the beginning, giving back to the communities we are a part of is fundamental to who we are.  Whether in the vicinity of our office or in the regions we are expanding into, we believe in investing in the local causes and organizations that are making a positive impact.

What This Really Means:

We work with almost 200 not-for-profits and understand the value that these organizations bring to people and missions they advocate for and we support these missions.

  • We donate billable time to them.
  • We volunteer for their projects.
  • We serve on their boards.
  • We fundraise for them with our monthly Jeans days.
  • We run in their 5Ks, attend their galas and play in their golf outings.
  • We promote their messages.

Our Engagement Philosophy

The overall engagement philosophy of Nisivoccia is to provide our clients with distinctive and superior, value-added service. This philosophy places great emphasis on looking beyond the accounting entries to the underlying operations and business situations which give rise to the entries. We believe it is important as business advisors for us to gain insight into various conditions which affect our client’s financial position and operations. In accomplishing this, we obtain an understanding of the organization and its people, the system and procedures which provide internal accounting controls and the interaction between them. We take pride in conducting our work with a business consciousness and awareness that will enable us to make suggestions and recommendations that are constructive and helpful.