Bud Jones and Valerie Dolan Host Dinner for Newly Elected Officials

On Wednesday, November 29, Bud Jones, CPA, Partner, and Valerie Dolan, CPA, Partner, hosted a dinner and discussion at La Strada Restaurante for all clients with Newly Elected Township Officials. All those who attended enjoyed appetizers, drinks and a sit-down dinner.

During dinner, Bud and Valerie lead an interactive discussion on what the newly elected officials should know about budgeting and financial planning for their towns. Together, Bud and Valerie covered topics such as:
  • ​Budgeting basics
  • Financial Planning
  • Communication
  • Audits
  • And more
Bud and Valerie then opened the discussion up for questions and concerns. They enjoyed having an engaging conversation with the 17 Newly Elected Officials who came to the event.