Due Diligence Considerations When Selling a Business

When it comes to selling your business, you must consider the buyer’s perspective — not just your own — to get the deal done. Both sides will require certain due diligence procedures, which take time and patience to get through. Here’s what to expect, including some tax considerations. Buyers Usually Prefer Asset Deals A business sale…

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2022 Tax Calendar

To help you make sure you don’t miss any important 2022 deadlines, we’ve provided this summary of when various tax-related forms, payments and other actions are due. Please review the calendar and let us know if you have any questions about the deadlines or would like assistance in meeting them. Date Deadline for  January 31…

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IRS Reports Delays in Processing Refunds

In the National Taxpayer Advocate’s Annual Report to Congress, Erin M. Collins focuses on processing and refund delays and the impact on taxpayers for 2021. The 2021 Annual Report to Congress called calendar year 2021 “the most challenging year taxpayers and tax professionals have ever experienced,” reporting tens of millions of taxpayers experiencing delays in…

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2022 Q1 Tax Calendar: Key Deadlines for Businesses and Other Employers

Here are some of the key tax-related deadlines affecting businesses and other employers during the first quarter of 2022. Keep in mind that this list isn’t all-inclusive, so there may be additional deadlines that apply to you. Contact us to ensure you’re meeting all applicable deadlines and to learn more about the filing requirements. January…

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9 Ideas to Potentially Lower Your Taxes for 2021


With year end rapidly approaching, it’s time to consider making some moves that will lower your 2021 federal income tax bill — and potentially position you for future tax savings. Unfortunately, tax planning is particularly challenging this year, because the tax rules for 2022 aren’t yet certain. Current Individual Federal Income Tax Scene Assuming no retroactive…

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Federal Tax News for Businesses

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1. Court Limits Sole Proprietor’s Auto Expense Deductions Business owners can generally deduct the ordinary and necessary costs of doing business if they keep good records. To claim vehicle expenses, a contemporaneous log must be kept showing odometer readings, dates, business purpose of trips and miles driven. In one case, a personal trainer filed tax…

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