The Inflation Reduction Act Includes Wide-Ranging Tax Provisions

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). President Biden is expected to sign the bill into law shortly. The IRA includes significant provisions related to climate change, health care, and, of course, taxes. The IRA also addresses the federal budget deficit. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO),…

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Due Diligence Considerations When Buying a Business

Buyers of businesses generally prefer to arrange for an asset purchase transaction, instead of purchasing an ownership interest in the target business entity. Why? The primary reason is to avoid exposure to liabilities — both known and unknown — related to the business that’s being acquired. However, liability avoidance can’t be assured unless the seller complies with the applicable bulk…

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Stock Market Investors: Year-End Tax Strategies to Consider

Year-end is a good time to plan to save taxes by carefully structuring your capital gains and losses. Consider some possibilities if you have losses on certain investments to date. For example, suppose you lost money this year on some stock and have other stock that has appreciated. Consider selling appreciated assets before December 31…

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Federal Tax News

1. Parents of College Age Children May Qualify for a Tax Credit For purposes of the Child Tax Credit for the 2021 tax year, a qualifying child is one who doesn’t turn 18 before January 1, 2022, and who satisfies certain other conditions. Taxpayers who don’t qualify for the Child Tax Credit because their children…

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Protect Your Assets As You Protect Your Loved Ones

You’ve worked a lifetime to build your wealth and understandably want to pass much of it on to your loved ones. Estate plans are designed to help you do that in the most tax-efficient way possible. But first, to ensure you have something to leave, your estate plan should protect and preserve your assets. Here’s…

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Low Interests Rates is a Good Time to do Estate Planning

estate planning

When interest rates go low, it’s high time for estate planning In a volatile economic environment, the idea of making substantial gifts may give you pause. But with interest rates at historic lows and the value of many assets depressed, now may be an ideal time to plan your estate. Current conditions present an opportunity…

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Is COVID-19 Driving Your Early Retirement Decision?

Early retirement man with child

Does the pandemic make you think about an earlier retirement? Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many employees who are able to perform their duties remotely have transitioned to working from home. This has offered a glimpse of what retirement might look like for them — minus the work load, of course. For example, many remote…

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Buying a Distressed Business

Photo of a sign hanging in a store window that reads "Sorry, We're Closed"

Many businesses have suffered financial losses due to the COVID-19 crisis. Some may even be on the verge of bankruptcy or otherwise looking for an exit strategy. Fortunately, there’s an upside: Adverse market conditions can create opportunities for investors with excess cash and access to capital to acquire and then turn around distressed businesses. Here’s some…

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Why You Should Keep Life Insurance Out of Your Estate

If you have a life insurance policy, you probably want to make sure that the life insurance benefits your family will receive after your death won’t be included in your estate. That way, the benefits won’t be subject to the federal estate tax. Under the estate tax rules, life insurance will be included in your…

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