Melany Dreifus Teaches Introduction to QuickBooks Account Software at NORWESCAP

On Wednesday, December 6, Nisivoccia LLP’s Melany Dreifus taught an introduction to QuickBooks Account Software course to over 15 women at the NORWESCAP Career & Life Transitions Center. The goal of the course was to help train women beyond becoming daycare workers or caregivers.

To begin the presentation, Melany defined common terms the women would need to know, gave a brief overview of bookkeeping, presented methods of accounting and showed examples of financial statements, balance sheets and profit and loss statements.

Melany then gave an in-depth tour of the QuickBooks desktop application. She showed the women the ins-and-outs of the software, and a step-by-step guide of how to set up a company on QuickBooks, record invoices and prepare billing information. She then opened the floor for any questions.

After the course, 8 of the women expressed an interest in moving to the next step, which includes taking classes in math and accounting. The goal is then for these women to take the QuickBooks test and become certified in QuickBooks. This will then provide these women with a flexible and steady career.