New Jersey Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Law to Take Effect on October 29, 2018

On Monday, October 29, 2018, the New Jersey Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Law, originally passed on May, 2, 2018, will officially be put into action. Under this law, all eligible employees are guaranteed to receive 40 hours of sick time per year. 

Below are the details of the law:

  • The law is officially being enforced exactly 180 days after it was passed.
  • All eligible employees began accruing paid sick time immediately upon passage of the law.
  • The rate of sick time accrual is one hour per every 30 hours worked annually.
  • New eligible employees begin accruing paid sick time their first day of employment.
  • Accrued sick time cannot be used in the first 120 days of employment.
  • Employers are not required to allow carryover or cashout more than 40 hours of paid sick time.
  • Employers must maintain records of earned and used sick time for five years.


An employer shall be in compliance with this section if the employer offers paid time off, which is fully paid and shall include, but is not limited to personal days, vacation days, and sick days, and may be used for the purposes of section 3 of this act in the manner provided by this act, and is accrued at a rate equal to or greater than the rate described in this section.

New employees must receive this written notice from their employer when they begin employment, and existing employees must receive it by November 29, 2018. For more information regarding the NJ Paid Sick Leave Law, please contact your firm professional at (973) 328-1825 or visit the NJBIA website for more details.


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