Nisivoccia LLP Defeats TEV Trucking

TEV TruckingAfter a disappointing regular season ending 2 losses to Cohen Reznick, Nisivoccia returns to form and beats TEV Trucking in game one of the playoffs.


“Nisivoccia dominated the entire game from the first pitch,” Mark Jensen, Former coach and Director of IT, said. “TEV was unable to score any runs in the top of the first. In Nisivoccia’s first at bat; they truly came out swinging scoring an intimidating 5 runs on 7 hits, setting the tone for game 1.”


TEV’s second inning went a little better, getting on the board with 2 runs. But Nisivoccia answered right back matching TEV and scoring two runs back.


Third inning TEV was, again, scoreless, while Nisivoccia went right back to work and scored 4 runs on 6 hits.


Fourth inning TEV was scoreless and Nisivoccia was also scoreless.


Fifth inning TEV was scoreless and Nisivoccia easily added 4 more runs.


Sixth inning TEV was able to scrape together 2 runs, but was in jeopardy of going home per the 15-run mercy rule. Nisivoccia only needed 4 runs to send the trucking company back “on the road again.”
With the top of the order due up, it seemed like it could happen.
Cory Francis led off with a double, followed by Tim McEnteer hitting a double. Andrew Imhof hits a double, and Dan Shaw and Mark Jensen are next to bat. Unfortunately, they find the only players from TEV that can catch a ball, and fall victim to the first two outs of the inning. Bringing up to the plate, Taylor Meytrott, who crushed a ball off of the outfielder’s mitt so hard that he was able to score before the player found the ball, winning the game for Nisivoccia with a “Walk-Off” home run and defeating TEV trucking by a final score of Nisivoccia 19 TEV Trucking 4.
“Let’s keep it rolling Nisivoccia! We need to get pass round two!” Jensen told the team.


Next Game:

Nisivoccia vs. ?

Tuesday, 8/15 – 5:45pm @ Delpho field