Nisivoccia LLP Joins Fellow Members at BKR International’s Annual Worldwide Meeting in Shanghai, October 20-23

 “Embracing Transformation” Theme Highlighted Global Challenges and Opportunities

Certified Public Accounting Firm Nisivoccia LLP was among the more than 120 members attending BKR International’s Annual Worldwide Meeting, held October 20-23, in Shanghai, China. Nisivoccia LLP is a member of BKR International, a top global association of independent public accounting and business advisory firms in 80 countries.

“Embracing Transformation” was the theme, and program content targeted opportunities and threats for both the short and long-term success of global organizations worldwide.  Presentations and workshops ranged from the economic impact of Brexit and the ongoing U.S. global trade wars, to the methodology of introducing machine learning as a way to augment traditional skills rather than replace them. Economist Mary Boyd, a senior analyst at The Economist Corporate Network in Shanghai, shared perspectives on Asia’s financial outlook and its effects on the global economy.  International attorney and visionary Peter Pang discussed essentials strategies for foreign companies that want to expand their reach and footprint into China. Jonathan Low, CEO of the Global Success Learning Academy in Malaysia, spoke about emotional intelligence and self-awareness traits that are transforming organizational leadership.  Other key updates included cybersecurity, cloud adoption, block chain, talent management, and ways to cope with all of the changes.

Raymond Nisivoccia, Founding Partner of Nisivoccia LLP, said, “BKR International’s Worldwide Conference in China was especially timely given today’s concerns about trade agreements and tariffs.  As our clients’ most trusted business advisors, we need to keep them at the forefront of business developments both locally and globally.  The speakers and networking opportunities with our BKR colleagues around the world provided context for our clients that we can use to support their goals in the coming year.  We are also much better prepared to utilize new technology to improve and secure our own systems and enhance our services.”

The conference generated practical ideas and information that attendees can use immediately when returning to their firms. With presentations by and for BKR members, insights were shared directly to facilitate and enhance day-to-day operations.

Worldwide Chair Jacqueline Wolfovski (Paris) said, “We came away from BKR’s Annual Worldwide Meeting in Shanghai with greater awareness of the latest trends and developments in business, technology and leadership development. The conference provided us with necessary strategies to navigate and evaluate the ever-increasing information overload, and to better work in harmony with our clients, staff, and communities.”

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