Not Just One Game – Nisivoccia “Wyndham” Both!


Last night, Nisivoccia had the task of playing two games against team Wyndham Worldwide, whom they have not seen thus far this season. Wyndham Worldwide, who currently sits in third place at 8 and 4, was issued two more losses at the mighty hand of Team Nisivoccia.

Game 1 was the typical Nisivoccia domination, scoring 5 in the first, 5 in the fourth, 3 in the fifth and 1 in the sixth, shutting down Wyndham Worldwide with ease by a final score of Nisivoccia 14 – Wyndham Worldwide 2.

Game 2 played out a little different.

Nisivoccia was the visiting team for this contest and led off the first inning scoring 2 runs and holding Wyndham scoreless. Second inning Nisivoccia put up an additional 5 runs, but gave back 3. Third inning, Nisivoccia was scoreless and was looking like they were running out of gas. Wyndham scored 1 in the third. Nisivoccia was able to tack on another run in the fourth and hold Wyndham scoreless in the bottom of the frame.

“The fifth inning was something we have not seen in a while” Mark Jensen, former Nisivoccia softball coach and Director of IT said. “Completely falling apart and instead of playing softball, Nisivoccia decided to try their hand at “Hot Potato” allowing Wyndham to score 7 unearned runs. This was the first time Nisivoccia has been behind in a long time.”

Down by three runs going into the sixth, Nisivoccia could only add two runs to the deficit and then give up two runs in the bottom half.

It was Nisivoccia’s last chance to challenge Wyndham for the sweep. They led off the seventh and final inning trailing Wyndham by 4 runs.

Jensen led off slapping a single to get the inning started, Greg Banki followed suit with a single, Dan Shaw came to bat and smacked a double which scored Jensen.

Andrew Imhof singles to score Banki, Ryan Hynson takes a walk to keep the train moving. Bases are loaded with no outs, Cory Francis flies out to 2nd base,  Taylor Meytrott comes to the plate and drives a ball to left field with a sacrifice fly to score Shaw. With two outs and down two runs it was up to manager James Wood, who once again delivers in the clutch, with an RBI single scoring Imhof.

It was time for Nisivoccia’s secret weapon, “Ko Captain” and “Ko-tographer” Brian Ko to take his turn to shine, and shine is what he did.

“Using his deceptive batting skills, delivered a slap bunt, which not only got him safely to first, but scored two additional runs on the at bat,” Jensen said. “What a genius!”

Nisivoccia was then in the lead by 2. Patrick Watson came to bat and hit a single and then Tim McEnteer flied out to left field to end the inning.

Nisivoccia was now leading Wyndham 16 to 14. Nisivoccia needed to hold Wyndham in the bottom of the seventh to no more than one run to secure the victory. Jensen reached into his bag for a new ball for a new beginning, confident that team Nisivoccia could shut them down in grand fashion. By George! That is what happened, Nisivoccia put the hospitality company Wyndham Worldwide to bed, 1-2-3 with a comeback victory defeating them by a final score Nisivoccia 16 Wyndham Worldwide 14.

This brings Nisivoccia to 8 & 2 with 4 more to play in the regular season!

On a sad note, we must bid adieu to our long time short stop, big bat and great teammate-friend Greg Banki as he embarks on a new chapter in his life, moving to Florida. The entire team wishes you nothing but the best and will surely miss you. It was an honor having you on the team.





Next Game:

Nisivoccia vs Cohn Reznick (Double header)
Thursday, 7/20 @ 5:30pm