Safe Send Returns: Electronic Delivery for 2019 Tax Returns

SafeSend Returns: Electronic Delivery for 2019 Tax Returns
We continue to offer the option of electronic delivery of your tax return through our secure “SafeSend” program. If you would like to receive and sign your return electronically, please email and include “SafeSend” in the subject line along with your name. A few other items to note are listed below.
  • If you have already registered for “SafeSend” in the past, you will automatically be enrolled for this year and will receive your return electronically unless you contact
  • If you reside outside the U.S. or are under age 18, IRS requirements may not allow e-signing of your tax return, but you can still receive electronic delivery.
  • Unless, you “opt in” for “SafeSend” electronic delivery of your tax return, you will continue to receive a paper copy of your tax return.
Regardless of whether you sign up for delivery of your return electronically, all eligible tax returns will be electronically filed with federal, state and local governments.
If you have any questions, please contact Nisivoccia IT Department at 973-298-8500.