Telemedicine Is Now Legal in New Jersey

A month ago, Deirdre Hartmann, CPA, Partner, had the opportunity to speak on a panel at the 2017 Practice Management Conference down in Atlantic City about one of the hottest topics in the health industry right now; Telemedicine. For those who are interested in pursuing telemedicine in New Jersey, or no longer want to spend time at the doctor’s office for a simple check-up, you are now in luck.

Accoriding to New Jersey Business & Industry Association, the legislation was signed on Friday, July 21, by Gov. Chris Christie. The law allows healthcare providers to see patients virtually using modern electronic methods that don’t require patients to come to the doctor’s office.

“Modern technology can have a positive impact on the delivery of healthcare services by providing patients easier access to care,” said Mary Beaumont, NJBIA’s vice president of Health & Legal Affairs. “This new law establishes a framework for the responsible use of telehealth and telemedicine services as an efficient way to treat residents of New Jersey.”

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