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“Parla Inglese?” Helping an international client translate how the U.S Tax Code applies to their domestic operations.

How a Nisivoccia tax manager helped his international client translate the U.S Tax Code.

Becoming a Trusted Advisor to a New School Business Administrator

How a Nisivoccia auditor shared his in-depth district knowledge and school finance expertise to help a newly-hired school business administrator successfully navigate his new role.

Retiring School Business Administrator gets an A+

A retiring School Business Administrator looks to her trusted Nisivoccia team for help to leave her successor with air-tight internal controls and a fully compliant Student Activities Fund.

Auditor to the Rescue: COVID-19 and a 2020 Community Budget Challenge

How an auditor’s practical suggestions, expertise in municipal process and timely action helped a municipality overcome a impasse and saved residents from a tax increase.