Not all CPA firms are alike. When it comes to making important business and financial decisions, you not only need a firm you can depend on and trust, but one you can have open and ongoing communication with. We don't treat 'client service' as some cliched goal that's part of a vague marketing campaign. It’s The Nisivoccia Way.

As a full-service firm, Nisivoccia has the resources to serve organizations of all sizes, shapes and industries.  In today’s world, it’s so easy to send an email.  But we still believe in the personal touch and pick-up the phone and really talk to our clients. The more we get to know you, the better we identify, personalize and deliver the right services. With our cross-servicing philosophy, it’s common and natural for us to pull in a colleague to help solve a problem or provide specific expertise.

The accounting, tax, audit and advisory services we provide include best practices and proactive techniques to produce accurate and thoughtful results. In addition to providing reliable financial data, we also assist in identifying potential areas of risk, analyzing the tax implications and offering interpretations and recommendations.

When people ask what we do at Nisivoccia, we don't tell them we're accountants. We tell them we're consultants and collaborators who understand business and what it takes to fulfill the accounting needs of clients, large and small.

With our hands-on approach, we become an extension of your organization and work side-by-side to help you make sound financial decisions and achieve your goals, both personal and professional.  You won’t hear from us once or twice a year.  Expect your engagement team to be available throughout the year, not just during the critical tax or audit periods.

With open communication, exceptional service, deep resources, and a wide range of resources, we’re a different kind of accounting firm. We are Nisivoccia and we would be honored to be your trusted advisor.
  • Accounting

    Organizations rely on financial statements for their day-to-day operations, to make business decisions and to report results to management and the general public. Our professionals utilize best practices and a hands-on approach to produce accurate and meaningful financial statements.

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  • Audit

    When making business and financial decisions, investors, creditors, business owners, and boards of organizations rely on accurate financial statements.Our audit approach is focused on efficiency and accuracy

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  • Business Advisory

    Our business advisory services help our clients solve problems, manage risk and identify opportunities for potential growth.An experienced team of advisors will work with you to improve the operations and financial position of your business while achieving desired levels of control

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  • Client Accounting

    Our outsourced accounting and CFO services will you increase efficiency and improve decision making.

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  • Forensic Accounting

    Unfortunately, fraud is a factor that permeates our business and professional lives.Fraud, in its many different forms, must be considered when reviewing the operations of any entity

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  • Internal Controls

    An internal controls audit can help protect assets, improve efficiency in operations, boost financial integrity and detect fraudulent activities.

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  • Tax, Trust and Estate Planning

    Professional tax services should not be confined to the preparation of basic tax returns. Our tax professionals recognize the importance of timely tax planning and, to that end, spend considerable time in tax research and strategy to create the most favorable tax environment for our clients

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  • Technology

    We can provide you with the following services to ensure you optimize your business network.Workstation and Network Managed Services Disaster Recovery Planning Information Systems Planning Management Consulting System Design, Implementation, and Support For additional information about our technology services contact our IT Director on 973-298-8500

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