Having a specialized knowledge in an industry enables us to better understand the needs of our clients well beyond the financial statements. Our partners and professional staff are specialists in our client practice areas. Whether a school district, medical practice, not-for-profit organization or manufacturing client, we serve on association boards and are active within our client industries to continually enhance our knowledge and experience.

By focusing on a unique client base we are able to offer more comprehensive and personalized services and advice. We invest the time necessary to understand your operations, priorities and goals and work as part of your team to achieve your objectives providing advice you can understand and strategies that make business sense.

  • Construction Contractors

    The construction industry has always been an ever-changing environment, but in challenging economic times we believe our clients require more from us than traditional accounting and tax services. A specialized knowledge of the construction industry enables us to better understand your needs well beyond the financial statements.

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  • Governmental Entities

    Government regulations, reduced budgets and the shift to shared services are all challenging the operations and affordability of governmental entities today. Whether a school district, local municipality, a county or authority, entities need a trusted advisor they can count on to provide accurate financial data and quality financial advice.

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  • Healthcare

    Physician and dental practices and health care facilities are faced with declining reimbursements, increased regulations and required investments in technology. We can assist you and your staff in managing these financial and operational reforms to position your practice for future success.

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  • Manufacturers

    Is your business ready to take on the industrial challenge? Improvements in technology, globalization, increased government regulations and an unskilled work force are all impacting robust growth in the manufacturing sector. Faced constantly with these challenges, manufacturers need a strong bottom line and solid business plan to compete successfully.

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  • Not-for-Profit

    Since day one, service has always been a part of the Nisivoccia culture. So it’s natural for us to have built the firm on working with over 200 Not-for-Profit organizations providing audit and tax services.

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  • Private and Family Owned Businesses

    It is important to us that we offer our clients services and advice that will help them thrive in the competitive and ever-changing global marketplace. As a result, we are dedicated to understanding the challenges and opportunities you face today and becoming your trusted advisor during each stage of the business cycle.

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  • Real Estate

    Whether you are a developer, owner, manager, or investor, you are constantly looking to the future, forecasting new trends in commercial development, and monitoring population shifts and occupancy levels. To remain competitive, you also rely on your ability to plan for and respond to the dynamics in the industry.

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