Since day one, service has always been a part of the Nisivoccia culture. So it’s natural for us to have built the firm on working with 300 not-for-profit organizations providing audit, tax, and advisory services.

“This is what impresses and humbles me about coming to work every day,” says Nisivoccia partner Thomas Dartnell. “Our employees care so much about their clients and their work that they take that extra step that moves our company to the next level.”

Having been so involved in the not-for-profit industry for nearly five decades, we know you face challenges that traditional businesses never have to deal with. You have your own set of tax regulations that impact everything from staffing to fundraising efforts. That’s why we are with you every step of the way. From dealing with IRS paperwork like 990 filings to meeting with management board members to review financials, consider us an extension of your team. We don’t just present information using spreadsheets and graphs, but participate in active, real-world discussions about how to improve your organization’s overall performance.

Working with established Not-for-Profits is only one of our many passions. But also, helping nascent organizations and individuals start an NFP gives us great joy. Consulting, getting organized, filing paperwork, and setting an NFP on the road to success is a hallmark of our team. Our institutional knowledge separates us from our peers in the industry.  

Our understanding of complex grant application processes, how to set-up an endowment and the relationships between boards and management comes from 50+ years in the space.  Proactive Stewardship is one of our core values and we know that our Not-for-Profit clients want to be good stewards of the funds entrusted to them to manage.

One of the most frightening words in the world of business is “audit.” We at Nisivoccia know and understand that an audit is a fact of life for all types of entities, including Not-for-Profit organizations. We work proactively with our boards and management teams to prevent the kind of missteps or problems that might raise a red flag or be cause for legal concern. We don't want to have to report a problem to the board, but instead, want to be involved along the way so the audit goes smoothly.

How We Are Different

Community Matters

Our approach to customer service is not about 9-to-5 and then call it a day. Our employees are socially conscious and aware that great thinking and analysis doesn’t stop when the day ends or the weekend arrives. It’s not unusual for Nisivoccia employees to be in the office on a Saturday morning nursing a second cup of coffee while pouring over financials. Sometimes they’re at their desks wearing their running shorts after participating in a client’s 5K race.

As much as possible we support our clients, beyond tax and accounting advice. We golf in your outings and dance at your galas. We take the time to learn about your mission, beyond what’s written on your website. It’s important to us to hear the story of who you are and why you do what you do. This helps identify areas to better serve your cause.

Not For Profit -Volunteering

Our Expertise Working With Not-For-Profits

During 2021, Nisivoccia serviced over 300 not-for-profit organizations. The Not-for-Profit segment of our practice has experienced significant growth over the past seven years, nearly double. The average retention rate of our not-for-profit clients is fifteen years, and we currently have been serving clients for over twenty-five years. In addition to our experience, many of our professionals serve as board members or through active participation to several not-for-profit organizations. Active participation in organizations enables us to enhance our expertise and service offerings to our clients. Our clients range from small charitable organizations to large foundations. Regardless of size or mission, our professionals are experts in understanding and servicing your financial needs.

Cultural & Arts Organizations


Membership Organizations

Approved Private Schools for Students with Disabilities

Social Service Providers

And Many More

Our Not-for-Profit team members are affiliated with the following industry organizations:

"Our auditors are very professional and pleasant to work with. They never fail to respond to my questions in a quick and helpful manner." - Connie Reed, CFO, Morris Museum, Inc.

We specialize in the following Not-for-Profit services:

Audits and Reviews

Yellow Book Audits

Federal & Single State Audits

HUD Audits

HMFA/Housing Audits

Grant Assistance

990 and Other Tax Filings

Not-for-Profit Incorporation


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Upcoming Not-for-Profit Events

Tax Impact of Entity Choice: Advantages and Disadvantages from Formation to Dissolution

09/27/23 12:00 P.M. - 1:30 P.M. est

Glenn Schwier CPA, JD, a partner with Nisivoccia LLP, will host a seminar entitled, “Tax Impact of Entity Choice: Advantages and Disadvantages from Formation to Dissolution” at 12 p.m. on Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

The seminar is designed as an introductory course on the tax impact of choosing which type of entity to operate a business under. Topics for discussion are:

• Who can be an S Corporation shareholder

• Why select to be C Corporation

• What does check the box for Limited Liability Companies mean?

• Should you operate through a trust or as a trust shareholder

• Simplicity of being a sole proprietorship or LLC disregarded entity

• Flexibility or complexity of limited partnerships

• Impact on New Jersey taxes of entity choice

• Flow-through entities

• At the beginning, remember the end: dissolution tax rules for Corporations, sole proprietorships, and partnerships

• Where should you hold real estate?

• Changing your type of entity?

• When does self-employment tax apply?


No continuing legal education credits this time.

Meet our talented & caring team of Not-for-Profit experts

Specific personnel dedicated to serving our not-for-profit clients are comprised of three partners, three principals and approximately fifteen professional staff members. The average years of service for our partners on the Not-for-Profit team is twenty, while the average length of service for our staff members is eight. The Not-for-Profit segment is also supported by our tax department, which specializes in IRS code regulations governing Not-for-Profits.

Interested in starting your own Not-for-Profit?

We can help you fill out the regulartory forms required to begin your mission. Click here to contact us.