We approach audits from a partnership perspective. Our proactive, year-round approach is designed to keep you compliant. 

We don't just perform audits. We teach you to be compliant.

The word audit can be cringeworthy. It evokes visions of inspectors out to catch an error and wag a disapproving finger at you. However, when making business and financial decisions, investors, creditors, business owners, and boards of organizations rely on accurate financial statements.

Our audit approach is not just focused on efficiency and accuracy, but on providing you with the information you need to meet government and financial regulations as well as make sound business decisions. Our audit process is not adversarial, but collaborative.

Audit plans are customized and structured for your business whether industry-specific or organization based. During the audit process, we can identify potential areas of risk, consider the tax implications, and offer meaningful recommendations.

Our standard procedure is to meet with management and board members to review financial reports, compliance requirements and internal controls as well as provide suggestions to improve the organization’s overall performance. We also host a variety of educational programs to keep clients informed about any regulatory changes and to help them to better understand and manage their financials.

While an official audit takes place once a year, we structure our engagements so that we stay connected throughout the year and are always available for consultation at any time.  The Nisivoccia Way encourages our clients to reach out to us with any questions without having to worry about receiving a bill in the mail for seeking advice.

Records Retention Guide

How long do you need to retain a document? Download the Records Retention Guide for our recommendations.

We specialize in the following audit services:

Agreed-upon Procedures

Employee Benefit & Profit Sharing Plans

Financial Statement Audits, Compilations And Reviews

Fraud Investigations

Internal Control Reviews

Service Organization Control Reports

Federal & Single State Audits

Yellow Book Audits

HUD Audits

HMFA Audits

Our expertise includes conducting audits for the following segments:

Upcoming Audit Events

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