Our tax centric approach to business means we focus on minimizing liabilities and maximizing savings.

Favorable Tax Strategies & Tax-Optimized Plans

Tax Planning, Preparation and Compliance

Virtually every aspect of our business and personal lives has its own unique tax implication, which is why our professional tax services are not confined to the preparation of basic tax returns.  Our approach examines  and evaluates your tax situation year-round and provides ongoing guidance - not just at "tax time." Every entity has unique factors that affect their taxes and staying connected on a regular basis assures the most equitable and favorable tax treatment provided by law.

By working with you 365 days a year, we better understand the ebbs and flows of your business and develop tax strategies and tax-optimized plans that give you the best results.

Business owners often find it challenging to keep up with ever-changing government regulations and frankly, would rather focus on running their companies than the latest tax laws.  Our proactive nature means that we stay ahead of regulatory compliance so you don't have to. We keep you informed of changes that may impact your operations and help you adjust your tax plan if necessary.

However, should you encounter any compliance issues that require advanced support, we are by your side when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, state, or local taxing authorities.

While we are based in New Jersey, many of our clients currently operate internationally or are considering expansion overseas.  Through our in-house expertise and our affiliation with BKR International, we support businesses around the globe.


Corporate Tax Services

Client Representation Before The Internal Revenue Service, State & Local Taxing Authorities

Domestic & International Business Tax Research & Planning

Tax Planning & Preparation For Business Entities, Individuals, Trusts & Estates

International Tax Services

Trust And Estate Planning

Designing your estate plan and defining your legacy is one of the most difficult and emotional components of your wealth management plan. Successfully planning the transfer of your wealth is critical to fulfilling the promises you have made in your life. Like everything else we do,  our goal is to minimize income and estate taxes and help maximize the financial opportunities you provide to your heirs and chosen beneficiaries.

Personal Tax Services

For many owners, your company tax strategy and personal tax planning go hand-in-hand.  We don't stop at analyzing your business's tax situation but also work closely with owners and executives on their own tax preparation.  In fact, many of our clients are family-owned entities and we prepare tax returns and  create strategies for several generations of family members. 

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