Construction Contractors

Construction is a Hard Business.  Working with Your CPA Should Be Easy.

“Penciling the numbers in boxes is not the exciting part. When I get a phone call from a client, and I can really help that client beyond the boxes, I can feel that they appreciate what we’re doing.” - Nick Sarinelli, Nisivoccia Partner

The construction industry has always been an ever-changing environment, but in challenging economic times we believe our clients require more from us than traditional accounting and tax services.

Beyond the data and regulations, our CPAs have broad experiences with construction companies, large and small. Sure, we spend time crunching numbers, but it’s being able to resolve the out-of-the-ordinary issues that separates us from other firms. If one of our CPAs hasn’t seen it before, there’s someone in the firm who has. Our clients rely on us because of our collective knowledge and experience working with the construction industry.

Many potential clients tell us they’ve got a good accountant, but many also recognize the need to grow, and that’s where we come in. We can get our arms around your numbers and project them into a format that you can understand. Then we can break down the tax implications and develop strategies that can improve your company’s profitability and cash flow; always staying in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.


How We Are Different

Unparallelled Support

What we do for our construction clients is what we do for all of our clients--tax planning, consulting, being responsive, looking for opportunities to help them grow their business. These are things that all accountants can do. At Nisivoccia, we’ve taken those ideals a step further. We are supremely aware that you are putting your life’s work in our hands. Maintaining and monitoring financial records is a requisite part of the work. But being able to interpret financial records and evaluate nuance specific to the contruction industry is where Nisivoccia’s team stands apart.

Not only that, but we talk to you in a language you can understand.  Whether it's making a decision on a major equipment purchase or concerns about cash flow so you can make payroll, calling us doesn't cost you more. It's simply part of how we work with our clients.


Our Expertise Working With Construction Contractors

General, Sub & Specialty Contractors

Residential or Commercial Buildings

Transportation Contractors

"Nisivoccia is always readily available and very helpful in explaining situations to help us grow and move forward with our business and personal accounts."

- Beaumont Landscaping Inc.

We specialize in the following construction services:

Bid-control Procedures

Break-even Determination

Construction Claims

Comprehensive Tax Planning

Cost Segregation Studies

Feasibility Studies

Forecasts & Projections

Lease Versus Purchase Analysis

Lien Claims

Prequalification Assistance

Special Construction Design Cost Systems

Special Report Preparation – Surety, Lender, Third-party

Tax-smart Retirement Planning Solutions

Working Capital Plan

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