Nisivoccia LLP Hosts Fundraising Seminar for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Nisivoccia LLP hosted a seminar on Wednesday December 7, 2016 for local not-for-profit organizations. The seminar was held at the Meadow Wood Manor in Randolph, NJ where nearly 90 executive directors, development directors and board members for local and national not-for-profit organizations learned about fundraising, marketing, and brand legalities. Christopher Perrotta, CPA and Principal in the Not-for-Profit Group at Nisivoccia LLP moderated the seminar. The guest speakers included Senator Steven V. Oroho, Lori Hager, Esq. of Coughlin Duffy, Paul K. D’Alessandro, J.D. & John J. Corcoran of d’alessandro and David Taylor of David Taylor Design, LLC.

Senator Steven V. Oroho provided the group with a financial outlook for New Jersey including a summary of the recent tax law changes. As a New Jersey State Senator, Oroho represents Warren, Sussex and Morris counties. Senator Oroho discussed how the recent changes in the state tax laws are designed to help citizens and potential donors remain and retire in the state of New Jersey. Senator Oroho also noted that not-for-profit organizations should partner more with the private sector to help realize their financial goals. He would also like to see a charitable deduction in New Jersey similar to the federal level.

Lori Hager, Esq., of Coughlin Duffy spoke about the legalities of marketing and trademarking your brand, as well as maintaining a social media presence. Lori practices in the commercial litigation group at Coughlin Duffy with an emphasis on intellectual property, and contract disputes. Lori explained that organizations need to protect themselves from similar groups that may be copying their brand or even their content. She advised the group to each create a strong brand for their organization and trademark or ensure copywrite protection for blog posts, marketing materials and designs.

Paul K. D’Alessandro and John J. Corcoran of d’alessandro addressed the group about fundraising trends, misconceptions and the foundation for success. d’alessandro is a national fundraising and management consulting firm. The audience was told that donors today want to know exactly how an organization will use their donation, and how it will support their mission. Donors also want to see strong leadership, from the executive director as well as from the board members.

David Taylor of David Taylor Design LLC spoke to the attendees about how to execute an online strategy and connect with their audience. David is the owner and Creative Director for David Taylor Design, which he founded in 2007. David stressed the importance of knowing your audience and engaging with them online. He also spoke about creating targeted content that tells a story or solves a problem.