IRS Suspends Processing of ERTC Claims

September 26, 2023

In the face of a flood of illegitimate claims for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC), the IRS has imposed an immediate moratorium through at least the end of 2023…

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Make Fundraising a Year-Round Commitment

September 25, 2023

If your not-for-profit focuses all of its fundraising energy on the holiday season and end of the year, it’s not misguided. After all, 26% of charitable giving to nonprofits occurs in…

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Nonprofits: Outsourcing HR Could Save Time and Money

September 15, 2023

Employers that outsource HR are no longer outliers. Approximately one-third of U.S. employers outsource at least one HR function, according to software company ZipDo. And for good reason: Many HR…

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Nonprofits: Special Events Call for Tax Planning

August 25, 2023

Tax reporting may be the last thing on your mind when planning a special fundraising event. But your not-for-profit should carefully track revenues and expenses and retain related documentation now to…

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Private Foundations: “Disqualified Persons” Must Be Careful of the Complex Rules of Self-Dealing

August 17, 2023

“Disqualified Persons” Must Color Between the Lines Although conflict-of-interest policies are essential for all not-for-profits, private foundations must be particularly careful about adhering to them. In general, stricter rules apply…

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Be Smart When Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations

July 12, 2023

Several years ago, when cryptocurrency was still a novel concept, many not-for-profits chose not to accept crypto donations. Now, crypto is so ubiquitous that it’s difficult — and probably a…

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How to Train Your Nonprofit’s Employees to Combat Hackers

June 22, 2023

Your not-for-profit organization can’t count its cybersecurity program effective unless it properly trains employees. If staffers visit “dangerous” websites, mix work and personal accounts, or can’t recognize a social engineering…

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Commit to Continually Improve Your Nonprofit’s Accounting Processes

June 1, 2023

Do your not-for-profit’s accounting processes work perfectly — with no errors, delays or other inefficiencies? If yours is like most organizations, probably not. But if your nonprofit is committed to improvement,…

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Social Security’s Future: The Problem and The Proposals

May 16, 2023

Recent reports have raised anew concerns about the impending insolvency of the Social Security program, absent congressional action. Social Security reform has long been considered a “third rail” of American…

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Your Nonprofit Probably Won’t Be Audited by the IRS, but If It Is …

May 12, 2023

Despite recent accusations that the IRS targets certain types of tax-exempt organizations for audit, not-for-profit audits generally are rare. That’s because most nonprofits owe no or very little tax. However,…

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